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November 15, 2006


No kidding. Val Kilmer as Jesus....

But you're right -- it's Christians who should be outraged that Jesus is portrayed in such an unBiblical light. Do we really need Jesus dolls out there to propogate our faith? And what verses does Plastic Jesus even speak? Are they in any kind of context?

Ugh.... At least I never had to sell this tripe when I worked in Christian retail. I sold enough crap to not have to deal with that. Blue eyes & tanless indeed....

Uggh. This fills me full of dread. To me it's just another step down the road that is turning Christianity into some sort of fashion statement amonst the religions of the world from which we're supposed to just 'pick one' to follow. I have a few non-Christian friends and I love them dearly but I can't help but hate it when they refer to my faith as 'whatever works for you'....

I agree with the point about him being made white with blue eyes - is this not just asking for trouble and isolating Christianity even more?

I don't know what's worse - this or British Airways banning its staff from wearing crucifixes.

It probably is a Val Kilmer doll that didn't sell. They had all of them taking up space in storage and thought: Hey, let's see if those Christians will buy it as Jesus? They fall for this stuff all the time.

What I really want to know is if it's a bobble head - cuz a bobble head makes all the difference. If it is, I'm there! Forget the verses. Don't we all need a hunky, caucasian savior-figure with a head that says "yes, yes" to everything we ask for? Heck yes! Oh wait, I forgot. That's who most of evangelical America believes in anyway.

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