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January 08, 2007


I guess that leaves people with disabilities, health problems, or injuries out of the running for God's Extreme Approval and in competition for Body by Satan. WWJS - What Would Jesus Say... or would he just groan in exasperation one more time?

p.s. - Surely chocolate must have been one of the seven hallowed foods!


This series is such an important topic for conversation. When you have been in the church culture for so long it is very difficult to get out of the "Christian Ghetto." In so many ways we become blind to even how offensive we can become through our various marketing strategies, inclusivity and Christian lingo we use all the time. It really is no wonder that those who have not chosen to follow Christ see Christianity and religion as a complete turn off.

It really is a combination of two problems I see. First, Christians trying to take the worlds culture and make it its own (The Lords Gym) for instance or those lame tee shirts that play off of clogans of popular brands that I always see at Christian stores. Second we also have a very inclusive language that is solely our own that we are unwilling to give up.

There is hope though. The truth is that fortunately those not in the Chtristian faith seem to like Jesus. They hate our structure and religious piousness but they respect Jesus. I am not sure if you have heard of Dan Kimball but he has a book coming out in March 2007 called: They Like Jesus, But Not The Church. He has spent almost 3 years on this book talking with those in emerging generations about their views on the church vs. their thoughts about Jesus. Should be a great book and could make for an interesting textbook for a class.

Anyway this is far to long. Check out my new blog. I am blogging now at www.missiodeiblog.com

Peace To You!

I just came from a women's bible study that I'm leading. It formed out of women who come regularly to receive assistance from a food pantry. None of them look good. They are all either overweight or too thin largely because of eating (or NOT eating) the wrong kinds of foods. They have health problems aplenty and are missing teeth. Most don't bathe often enough or have the money for nice haircuts and clothing. Yet they come faithfully each week ready to learn what they can, and they give to others with a singular passion (sometimes more than they can afford to give). In my mind, these women shame those that think they are doing God's will by looking good. They may not be up on physical health and beauty, but they understand something about God's kingdom that these Fitness Kings and Queens do not.

You Americans are really strange sometimes - I'm glad that I am going home to the great south land where things like this don't happen - at least not very much - I think when they do they must be from ex-pat US people. SHALOM Tim - it's been fun.

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