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May 21, 2007


Clay has made a difference and will continue to do so, I truly believe this in my heart.

Well, I don't know about them collaborating but Clay has covered "Where The Streets Have No Name" in his concerts.

Clay is making a difference in this world and he is only 28 years old- That is amazing
I truely belive in Clay
What an inspiration!!!!!!!!!

To my knowledge, Bono and Clay have never collaborated or interacted with one another. Anyone know different? Peace to the Clay contingent!

There was an Internet Posting, from someone who lives in Ireland, that Clay and Bono got together in 2004 when Clay was on vacation in Ireland. He also went to a U2 Concert in LA, in 2003.

Bono is truely a great Artist and Humanitarian. He puts his heart, time, and money towards his causes. He ain't just talk like so many Celebrities doing their Cause of the Moment.

I know Clay admires Bono.

The only way celebrities can make a difference is if they truly believe they can, or at least that they believe it's important to try. I think people can usually see the difference in celebrities that do care and those that use the "photo ops" for publicity. I follow Clay and I have learned far more than I ever expected to about Uganda and the Lords resistance army, the events of the PEOPLE in Afghanistan currently,and Darfur. If nothing else, Clay, as Bono does for you, made me interested in what's happening. I have since gone on to read more about what's going on in these regions. that is what a celebrity is supposed to do. make me want to know more. Bono does it very well, for me Clay does it too.( not to mention I sound a whole lot smarter for knowing about current events when my friends are talking about Paris' jail attire.)

Thanks for this blog and to the other blogs you've posted here. I've been reading the other ones these past few weeks, I will continue to enjoy them.

I've always admired Bonos work with charitable organizations, and how long he has been at it, with seemingly very little desire for the notoriety of it all.
Since becoming a fan of Clay, (2003) I have become educated about Autism, Inclusion, Afghanistan,Night Runners, Kite Runners, Camp Gonzos, Afghan cultures,Unisef, BAF,etc.. which in turn showed me where to turn to, to be able to educate myself even more on plights and diseases within our own borders.
Before being a fan, I was compassionate, but that is ALL I was.
Now, I'm devoted to these causes. I spend time learning more about the people with disabilities, and what is being done to help them.I donate as much as I possibly can.
I'm aware that the people of Afghanistan, are just that... people, not necessarily our enemy.
Though there are enemy forces within its boundaries. I lumped them all into 'enemy' category before I delved into 2 books that Clay had read. 'The Kite Runner, and The Places In Between'.
I never knew about Autism before, only the word, and not the definition of it,and had never known of anyone with it.
I'm SO proud of Clay, and Bono, and Celebrities/non Celebrities who truly are making a difference,and you know it is coming from their heart and soul, and not for photo ops.
Shhhh.. the sound you hear is the roar of the crowd, in recognition of these 2 fine young men.

Bono and Clay......my 2 most favorite people

I've been reading your previous blogs on American Idol and the issue of poverty. Great discussion - thanks. I especially appreciate that you highlighted 'respect' and 'partnership' in thinking about poverty. It's about 'working WITH' the people in Africa and other areas to create workable solutions. For example, before banks giving small loans to poor people proved successful, many people thought that loaning money to people without any money or collateral would be a losing proposition. The loans will never be repaid. Yet, the opposite has proven to be the case.

It's been really cool reading your blogs. I've enjoyed reading opinions from someone who is a thinker, not just a fan or an observer.

It seems that Clay and Bono do share a lot of the same values in common and that makes me want to learn more about the causes Bono supports - not only to see what he supports but to educate myself on other worthy causes in the world.

Clay has had a saying, "Use your voice." To me, Clay has not only demonstrated and modeled that statement, but has done it in the capacity of a celebrity in the public spotlight and as a person who has chosen to act without the public spotlight too. He's educated me that I have a voice and that I should use it to the fullest capacity that I'm able...whether that's through my donations that will be used in a foreign country or whether that's making a difference in the life of an individual with disabilities.

Thanks for your informative blogs and keeping us abreast of the work of two men who put their actions behind their words. I have known of Bono's work in the past and kept an eye on his efforts. He's a good man who works hard to make a difference. Then along came Clay and added his voice. We of the Clay Nation are becoming much more aware of our place in the world and our responsibility to reach out to those who need our help, not just in dollars but in understanding their lives and situations. Clay said early in his American Idol career that he considered it his responsiblity to make a difference in some way with his new celebrity voice and I believe he is doing that with his foundation and his UNICEF work. We're proud of him, and I hope he's proud of us for learning and responding.

you also do a great job to help people also, you are a blessing to all you also make what you do come from the heart you are not in it for the money you have a careing heart and clay also helps all people and has a careing heart never know someday you can both get togeather as one for all the people who needs help thank you both for the work and the love you both have.

Hey Tim and other readers,

I know this isn't specifically about Bono or Clay, but I think they'd approve. There is a fantastic book in print that I just finished reading about one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who resettled in the U.S. It's called What is the What, and if you buy it, you'll be giving yourself an education and financially supporting the efforts to help the war-torn victims of Sudan. There is also a website run by the Sudanese man (Valentino Achak Deng) the book is about. Here it is: http://www.valentinoachakdeng.com/ He lists some practical things you can do to help victims in Sudan, gives a brief history of the conflict in Sudan, and talks about the book, parts of which were "novelized" to make them more engaging to a larger audience. I can't recommend it enough! I feel as though a part of my life was changed by reading this book.

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