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January 24, 2008


Okay, now I'm even MORE excited! Friday night cannot come soon enough.

The show was incredible!! If I wasn't sick I would have stayed for the 11:30pm showing. The only thing I was a little bummed about was that they didn't play City of Blinding Lights. I thought for sure they would have played it since it is such a big hit on the Vertigo tour-oh well.

It was amazing to see fingerprints on The Edge's guitar, a zit on Bono's face, and Adam's nostrils flaring. I thought the camera on Larry was outstanding! It was difficult though to sit on my seat while the band was playing. I might have to go in the very back and stand on Friday.

The show reminded me of the concert in Hawaii. Of course it could never have measured up to the concert except maybe it being just as long. But for the distance and the price, it could not have gotten better.

Love and peace!

Hey Craig,

I agree, it was very realistic and incredibly similar to the Hawaii show. However, I didn’t get the emotional punch that I get at a live U2 concert. They really sanitized and edited out most of Bono’s dialogue with the audience. There was no discussion of the ONE campaign, the plight of Africa of a host of other issues in South America where the concert was filmed. On the other hand, there were still subtle messages, most of which were delivered through the music and staging. That was cool! It’s a little like letting the bible speak for itself without a whole lot of commentary or interpretation. I did miss Bono’s contextualizations though. I realize the producers were packaging this film for a popular audience and needed lots of the most popular music.

I might have to join you and Steve in the back row on Friday!


Great to see you, Tim, at the early show. That was the lowest attended of any U2 concert I have ever been to.
I will log my thoughts tomorrow.

We talked about the Fly text. It seems naby nights in Latin Am, it slso said:

The secret is BEHIND YOU
The secret is INVISIBLE NOW
The secret is LOUD ENOUGH
THE SECRET IS WHAT YOU never want to see/never want to hear/never want to believe

I thinks this video is the previous night in Argentina:

Craig (sorry I missed you (and about ya being sick). Yeah, it was amazing it felt complete without "City". Here are the setlist from the main night of the filming...man we missed a few gems .makes you want to visit the cutting room floor.

City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Elevation, Until The End Of The World, New Year's Day, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Beautiful Day, The First Time, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love And Peace Or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday / Rock The Casbah (snippet), Bullet The Blue Sky / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet) / The Hands That Built America (snippet), Miss Sarajevo, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Where The Streets Have No Name, One
encores: Zoo Station, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, With Or Without You, Fast Cars, Yahweh, All I Want Is You, Love Is Blindness

ps Craig

Here is City of Blinding Lights from that night...in 1D:

I really think every viewing experience should be as phenomenal as last nights'. I loved just being with a group of people unafraid to wear ridiculous glasses, bob, scream, clap, and squeal just like I did all throughout the set.

Yes, the new version of "The Fly" was fantastic! Very ZooTV-reminiscient but with an updated feel... One of my favorite moments was soaking in the voice of the UN Declaration of Rights narrator - an Asian woman. I am continually reminded of the fact that U2 is so intentional about touching every culture they can, every individual they can in the face of an industry that plays primarily for an audience that will boost their own status.

Seeing "Where the Streets Have No Name" with South American flags instead of African flags was a great shift. I was delighted to see it's still the song in which Bono displays his affection for Adam. That always makes me teary-eyed. And... did you catch the Wojnarowicz buffalo at the very end of "One"? That got me teary as well.

Good show, good people. Thanks for letting us know!

(Craig - this is a little greeting from someone employed by your friend Becky Kruse. I've heard great things about you! I didn't officially meet you at the show, but we have this shared experience. : )

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