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April 28, 2008


Really good stuff the last few days Tim. It is amazing how prophetic MacPhisto seems to have been.

Michael, I agree. We could have a long discussion about how far ahead of their time U2 and company were on the Zoo TV tour. The commentary on media, electronic stimulation and over-indulgence was definitely prophetic and relevant to the new millennium. Out of curiousity, what do you think of the Russian fanfare included in the intro to the album version of "Daddy's Gonna Pay...?" Seems pointed.


Schaeffer got there first, of course - with his prediction that people will sacrifice anything for personal peace and affluence, in "How Should We Then Live?". What's amazing is how few Christians actually bother to listen, but instead continue to buy into the surrounding culture.

Thanks Paul. I'm guessing Bono has read some Schaeffer. It seems the artists and the prophets are the ones who teach us best about the culture we live in. I often asks my students, "What's the hardest thing to teach a fish?" Answer: water. We are swimming in a religion of consumption and don't even know we're wet. Thanks also for the link on your excellent blog!

This was a great piece to read. I plan to donate some of my refund. And pay some bills.

When you write it is with great insight ot share with others.


Good article - I came here from Beth Maynard's blog.

I've always taken the song as being about a drug pusher (Daddy) and the user - who crashes their life, and also about God's grace to sinners. It's an incredibly dangerous parallel but the Pop album is full of them (looking for baby Jesus under the trash...).

Grace and Peace

Derek, I see the song as a kind of parable (seems that many of U2's songs are). Because of the imagery, specific in some cases and vague in others, it allows for multiple interpretations and applications. In our current situation it functions (for me) as a great commentary on the economy in America. When it was written, I believe Bono was greatly influenced by the fall of the Berlin wall and the close of the cold war. I might hear this song completely different in five years because I will be in a different context. So, you are also making a good interpretation of the song. I think that's why we get so much to talk about when we start discussing U2 songs. That's what I love about their music, there's always more to discuss/learn/question....

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