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November 03, 2008


You are so right on the money!!!
Just because your of one party or another doesn't make you love for God any less, And God loves everybody even Presidental Candidate's!! A vote for one isn't a vote against Jesus! But because of all the controversy I refuse to vote for a person. I will vote on issues but not for people.
I pay my taxes and I love my lord I think thats all jesus asks me to do.
The rest of you can fight about what person is right or wrong because in the end.
GOD will still be in Control! Jesus will still have died for all sinners!
Prayer is still the best peace maker! and Loving each other the best way to be!!
So on election day just remember who is really in Control and Large and in Charge!! MY SAVIOR AND YOURS WHETHER YOU HAVE MET HIM Yet OR NOT

lOVE Lizzie

Thanks for the comment Liz. I vote in elections and I think it's important to do so, but the kingdom of Obama or McCain is not the same as the Kingdom of Christ. That's the one I'm living for.

Thanks Tim.

I truly appreciate this post. This presidential election has been a difficult one for me. I have been a reluctant participant in the past and this time around I am going to stand as a conscientious objector to the presidential election. I just wrote a post about this on my blog (ecumenicalpilgrim.blogspot.com).

I do believe that participation in voting is important for Christians.
I just can't do it this year.
I just can't do it for these candidates.


I agree Scott, this has been a difficult election to process. I keep wondering if it's the nature of the campaigns, the change in North American culture, or maybe I'm just in a different place since the last "real" election eight years ago. Being "CO" is something I'm familar with; that's an interesting connection you make with it to the election. Thanks for the comment.

Thank you.

Thanks for the post. I am glad this particular election is coming to a close, the phone calls and e-mails. I have, however, been encouraged by the discussions our college group has had over the past few weeks over propositions and candidates. There has been intelligent, gracious, and open conversation to understand opposite viewpoints and to become well-informed voters (ask Aaron and Christa about it sometime)! I was also encouraged the other day as I caught the tail end of a chat with Sarah Palin on Focus on the Family. I have NOT wanted to listen to that broadcast recently (for a lot of the reasons you mention above), but caught a blip with James Dobson saying he was praying for her (Palin) and McCain and their respective families and asking God for a miracle...to turn this election around in their favor. She graciously thanked him for his prayers, but firmly stated right after that she believes that whatever the outcome of the election, she will stand behind the people's choice, she believes that God can work through that person, and that we as God's people should not ridicule or "bash" the opposing candidates if they are chosen for office. I was amazed! It's not that she was giving up or endorsing the other side. She was, in a way, taking a "time out" from her politics, to be a Christian, a believer that views God as sovereign and will do her part no matter who is voted into office. As an Obama supporter, I was tempted for a bit to vote the other way. I hope that all those listening took her words to heart. I agreed whole-heartedly with her on that particular issue.

Right on, bro! Although I voted for a candidate today, I didn't vote with the idea that the winner would bring the Kingdom of God on earth. It seems to me that when it comes right down to it, that is what the Christian Right and the Christian Left are saying: that the right candidate will bring the Kingdom. Or maybe it is just as you said earlier: that if we vote for the "wrong" candidate, we will usher in the Antichrist and his kingdom. Bah!

Whoever gets elected has a tough job ahead of him and will probably come out smelling like the manure fertilizing the roses rather than the roses themselves!


Thanks for the insightful and intelligent thoughts. They are refreshing and needed. I find myself sometimes discouraged because it seems that we are finding more and more reasons to be divided with one another instead of joining together as the united body of Christ. I can't seem to stop thinking about Jesus' prayer in John 17 where he pleads with the Father that we his followers would be unified because it will be our unity that will be a witness of what God is like. This will not be an easy task, but typically the way of great significance and importance comes at a great cost. My prayer for Christians on both the right and the left is that we would find our unity in the mission of Christ. A mission that is all about freedom, redemption and restoration, and a mission we are all invited to take part in.

Love & peace

Thank you, Tim. I was so saddened each time I drove past the Riverpark area and saw two corners full of Pro Prop 8 people and two corners with No on Prop 8 people. They were standing there, yelling at cars and holding their signs, but no one was talking to the other side. Is that what Christ would do? Wouldn't he have at least met and listened to the people on the other side? Do we really think that yelling our own opinions will help change someone else's? I appreciate your comments on this election.

Tim, Man! Your last few posts have been refreshing and provacative. My wife and I have been having these same conversations at home - materialism, greed, economic gluttony, Elections, Prop 8, etc. Concerning this post and the elections, I cringed when they showed the local pastor on TV blaming Prop 8 vote No activists for the damage to his church and the tone of hate and divisiveness that I felt he perpetuated. The wife and I have been talking alot about how hateful Christians can be. Name calling, in people's faces, etc. Sometimes it feels like the Christian right is really the Christain self RIGHTeous. (Pharisees?) The hateful words/tone and name calling are not going to compel a gay person to want to recieve Christ or believe God is a God of love. I don't recall Jesus being so involved in politics and aligning himself with the Christian right. Seems he was hanging with the down and out, fringe. Our children are getting older and it has been a real challenge and opportunity to teach them through these elections in the wake of comments at church, school, TV, and social circles. We have tried to instill in them the same attitude Palin had, amazingly, on Dobson gig. (I have to believe this took the wind from his sail.) We believe, like Palin stated, however the election pans out, we will support our leader and do our part to make the world a better place with our daily, conscientious choices. (Duh! I hate it when we as christains limit God.) God can work through whoever is in office - he is in control and always right on time. We are teaching our children that christians should not ridicule or "bash" the opposing candidates if they are chosen for office. We should trust God and live as Jesus did. You mention proof texting. Spot on dude. I just finsihed Pagan Christiantiy by Barna and Viola. Lots of conversation in this read about proof texting and how it is used in a self serving way. Thank you for your candor and challenging words. Rock on Timbro!

Mr. Neufeld, I like the title. This election really shook things up for many. An example would be when a few well known men of God that come out on television wanted to endorse McCain, but he wound up rejecting them. Before and after the elections I had discussions with some brothers in Christ regarding Prop 8. They argued that if prop 8 passed, everything would go downhill. My response was, if your Christianity cannot survive in a land where gay people can marry, you got a serious problem. The early Church of Yeshua was able to do more than survive in a perverse Roman Empire, and under "real" persecution. They werent trying to change the laws of the land, because they were busy winning souls. Maybe we should look to them as the example, and work on winniing souls for Christ, because politicians cannot.

Hey Tim-
This was a great read. I wish more believers felt this way. Elections are tough to deal with. I think that we so badly want to bring Christ into elections, but He doesn't fit into a mold like that. God is not "human", and certainly not in the form of Obama or McCain.
I hate that this divides us as brothers and sisters in Christ. I can only pray that God will soften their hearts, and let them realize there is waaaay more to life than who is president. Our Father promises to take care of us and really, that's the most important thing to me!
I also had to comment on this post because of the hysterical Halloween picture. Too much to handle! haha.

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