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October 04, 2009


I thought Matt was superb, both in his historical overview and in his gentle way of pointing out how many terrible mis-steps the band have made in their own use of the online medium.

I get the concept around intellectual property, but my question about the live streaming is... how does the fact that u2 historically has been a pro-bootleg band fit in? They have demonstrated the ability to get official material which they *don't* want on YouTube taken down within hours, yet all these bootleg videos are left up for years -- and in fact their own U2.com site directly encourages fans to post videos from the shows they attended. It seems to me that needs to be taken into account.

I too thought that this was less of a problem for U2 than other bands. It seems odd to me which things they choose to be controlling of and which things they tend to ignore.

Regarding U2.com and viewer created vids, I thought it was extremely strange that a female security guard yelled at my wife and then, later, me for taking video with our little digital cameras. She was irate and waaay over the top (none of the other security personell seemed to mind). There are definitely mixed message here. In the end, "it is what it is" and there won't be any stopping the technology. Rather than hold the surf back, U2 need to ride it and enjoy.

Matt's presentation was fantastic. I asked if he would release the data and he thought that would be possible.

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