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March 11, 2011


Love this article. I had no idea Piper had made this reference. Just discovered your blog today via twitter. Really enjoying reading the writings of another pastor who is also a U2 fan. Thanks for writing!

Thanks, Ryan. It's always good to know there are Christian leaders interested in music and arts. The world doesn't feel so lonely when we find each other! Peace to you. -Tim

im confused y piper would say farewell to rob bell but make use of lewis when lewis' book the great divorce is so clearly part of bells understanding of heaven & hell.

also - i was on the field at invesco & l8r in that same concert bono had the whole crowd liftn their hands singn rejoice. granted he began by talkn bout aung san suu kyi but w 80k people singn rejoice w liftd hands i couldnt help but feel god being worshipd - whethr or not anyone else there knew it.

I have read a few of your blogs now and I have to say, Tim, that you really hot the nai lon te head.

Keep it up,

Steve-pop, It's great to hear from someone who understands what Bono is trying to do with the MacPhisto character. Thanks for commenting!

But while John Piper makes a good linkage between the two, his use of Bono is lacking. It’s a utilitarian move at best. The themes and nuances of the Oxford author as they appear in the work of U2 are plentiful, sometimes subtle, other times not so much. It’s a joy to really investigate these and to hear the voice of Lewis rise up with depth and focus in U2. Simply using a quote from Bono to make the linkage leaves a lot to yet be desired and discovered.

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