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October 06, 2011


After reading this I think you've sumerised wrong, just because the institutional church or "traditional" or whatever church would spit him out, doesn't mean he'd make a BAD pastor, actually would probably make him a superb one, because he'd be a church pioneer and planter, designing a "new" type of church, isn't perhaps, Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill, Seattle a little tiny weeny bit like this (not saying he's anywhere near Jobs on imaginative or artiness, but certainly on the pioneering front, churching the most-unchurched city in the USA and all that in less than 10 years, oh like the ipod) or many others, I think instead of saying he'd have made a bad pastor, you should say he'd make an unconventional and unaccepted pastor - like many great pastors are, unconventional and unaccepted until their latter years. PS - Not a fan of Apple, never have been never will be.

Peter, you're right on. You got it. I was, of course, being facetious. By my standards, Steve would be a creative leader/pastor. But in most churches he would be considered a dismal failure. Thanks for the comment!


Just a thought, a few months on, is it conceivable that the modern Church has become so integrated into the world that it's standards of failure and success aren't the same as God's and resemble more likely the worlds - an example being Jeremiah (in his own time)?

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