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January 15, 2014


On behalf of middle-class, middle-aged America, I am so ashamed of the people who spoke before they thought or determined if the truth was being spoken. I wish for them an outpouring of beautiful, affirming words that encourage them to believe that they are invaluable people made in the image of God.

I wish for the kids, that is.

Thanks, Linda! I'm glad to say that there is an outpouring of support for these kids. God is using this to raise issues of prejudice, inequality, and justice in many youth groups across the city, as youth pastors debrief this very public episode with their groups. There's a tremendous sensitivity right now.

I am quite frankly speechless. Jessica graduated from Roosevelt and my twins are still there, by choice. These maybe urban kids but I have seen them face bigger challenges than most middle class kids, all the issues you mentioned and stuff in their own homes sometimes. And yet so many of them do so well, they fight to stay in school, to have opportunities their parents may not be able provide. As adults we need to support these kids not tear them down. I wish I could let them all know that not all adults see them as trouble, some of us see the hard fought victories, and even without knowing them we are proud.

Hi Tim, could you please submit this to the Ftresno Bee?

+1 for sending this to the Bee. Thank you for being an advocate for those people south of Shaw who are quickly dismissed or forgotten all together. Most people run away from their area in fear. Instead, you rush in.

I am always startled to see the vitriol on media sites that report news, correctly, or as in this case, so incorrectly. People seem to madly dash off these hateful thoughts when they should just sit back and see what actually transpires. I hope KMPH offered an apology.

Lindsey and I were talking on the way home from group last night and praying for the Great and Awesome kids we know and who have and are a blessing to our family! Lindsey was upset that the man who started this REFUSED to apologize for his actions. I let her know that even if he refuses to do so, he will answer to God. As a society we are to quick to accuse and blame, but so slow to apologize or ask forgiveness. Our prayers for the teens involved is that they experience God like never before and turn the other check to help this man see God more clearly so that he maybe humbled before his Lord and Creator.

We need to clearly state that this shows us the media is not always right. We need to be very careful what we believe of what we hear. If we know how badly this was reported - what other mis-information are we given? How often are we goaded to judge when the story is just that - a story with skewed facts. Please, please use a discerning ear. Encourage these students not absorb what others say about them; let them trust in our Advocate, Jesus.

Bless you, Tim for sharing this story with us and for your love for these precious youth! May God use this for great good! Praising God for you!

This was written so beautifully! Brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you Tim for this! It's true, we may have not been brought up in the best environment, in fact it used to be a lot worse when I was a child, but we always made the best of what we had! And we always ha eachothers backs. The love is so unconditional, it's beautiful,I'm glad to be apart of such beautiful people with such big hearts. And I'm glad people like you, Nancy Donat, the Fords, Popenoes and so forth are there to encourage the teens and show them love even when it feels like the world (people on KMPH's page) maybe against them. I'm so glad to see so many people pouring into the teens in the downtown area!!

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