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March 26, 2014


Crying into my bath water... Seriously upset by all of this.

I think that it is sad when we(Christians) pick one particular sin to vilify. I do not endorse the gay/lesbian lifestyle only because God's word doesn't. I had the honor of leading a gay friend of mine to a relationship with God. Did my friend immediately give up the gay lifestyle; nope. Do I believe that my friend has an abiding relationship with God; yes. Will my friend ever change his sexual orientation; I don't know. I will leave that to God. I know that in my own life I still have many areas to work on. I am glad that God doesn't expect change all at once, and I may never have the time in this life to change in all areas. I am pondering about stepping on some bigger toes here and bring up divorce. Why don't we make people that don't fall into a very narrow definition of the word separate before we have fellowship with them? That would be about 50% of our membership. How about those who don't look like us? or dress like us? or have money like us???? There will always be reasons for us to focus on our differences, why not focus on reasons that unite us. I think that this would be a better place to live. All of this to say that I think that World Vision had the more Christ like vision with their initial stance of embracing married gay and lesbian workers, not because they were gay or lesbians but because that they professed belief in Christ. Let God sort out the details of their faith.

Linda, I get it. Thanks.

Gary, I hear in you the desire to be theologically accurate and accountable, but with a sensitivity toward grace and compassion. That is a wonderful goal. I keep thinking that if I'm going to err, I want to err on the side of grace. Thanks for the example you provide and for the gracious spirit.

Thanks for the thoughtful post, Tim. I appreciate your insights and reminder of our corporate need for humility and contrition.

Thanks, Jonathan. Not easy decisions, eh? God bless as you continue your ministry!

Thanks Tim for your post, for your compassion and gentleness in drawing us back from the fray, for your broken heart for the outcast, down-trodden and broken-hearted. Yes, I agree-- if we are to err, let us err on the side of grace. "I've found grace, it's all I've found…."

Thanks, Jennifer. "Now I can breathe!"

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