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Mariza Gutierrez

Great work as always Tim.


Great Tim! Just wonderful! Scott

David King

I can agree and empathize with much here but I take exception to 2 major issues.
1. All of Bono's "compassion" seems to be at US taxpayers expense. You know, the ones 20 trillion dollars in debt.
2. I think bringing up the Statue of Liberty and Bible quotes I find disengenuous and offensive. Disengenuous because those who oppose illegal, law breaking immigration are painted as anti-immigrant isolationists. That is a false narrative otherwise known as a lie. If you have to spend other people money and lie about their motives, you've lost me. This is why Trump has the support he does. I do wish these ideas had a different messenger.


David foreign aid represents about 1% of the US budget. It could be completely eliminated and would not make any meaningful impact to the deficit or the debt. Current debt levels are manageable but with an aging population social security and medicare spending are on a unsustainable path. That said neither candidate or party wants to touch that as it is political suicide.

David King

Esrich, I suppose those are the practical realities of the aid but that doesn't change the principal of my objection. I think giving aid is Biblical and right for individuals to engage in but I object to coercive "giving" in the same way I object to taxpayer money being used to support and promote abortion. It's not compassion if the aid is obtained by coercion (i.e., IRS).
The other point about mischaracterizing those who want an orderly and legal immigration process hurts seriously hurts credibility as well and smells a lot more like politics than compassion.


Look, I am a huge U2 fan. But to say this anti-Trump stuff is not about politics is kinda silly. U2 love Hillary and Bill. This is a long standing relationship. "Put on your Boots" was a Hillary tribute song that ruined a whole album- and didn't do much for her battle with Obama. I worry if U2 is going to be eventually featured in the Clinton Foundation scandal. Look, I am a conservative, but absolutely no Trump guy. But, this time it's going a little to far for the boys... and I am not scared to be honest about it. Even in recent interviews Bono has backed off his Hillary support, they better be carful not to go too far down this road.

iggy osterberg

Bono should return to his 20 million dollar Manhattan penthouse and continue throwing stones from there - Edge also can return to his 20 million dollar Mailbu estate. Erase the southern border and the US has 600 million more on public assistance which, even if we are taxed 95%, could not support.

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